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Senin, 02 Januari 2012

How to face globalization ( English Version ) for speech

Tjah Buagus

            Hello, good morning everybody, good morning juries. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Edi Susilo, but you can call me ”Edi” for my nickname. I’m the first grade of Senior Technique School of 02 Surakarta. In this occasion, I would like to tell you about “ How to face globalization ?”. Before I tell you about it, something will be better if I say “Thanks for the time”. Now, I beg your attention, please !

            What do you think about globalization ? As we all know, nowadays we are in the globalization era. The meaning of globalization is a process of development from a traditional life style into a modern life style or globalization is a process transformation of local into international phenomena. This process conclude of economic, technology, social culture, and political force.
            With globalization, a country can give influences to other country. It meant that people can life without limitation. Every people can access many informations easily, there’s no difficult to communicate, and there’s no barrier  to interact with other people from other country.
Ladies and gantlement . . .
            If we want to can through this globalization era, should we must be smarter to thinking and to sort the influences from other country. We must take all of positive effect of globalization and we should taken’t of the negative effect of globalization.
            So, how does people face the globalization era ? Formally, there are 3 groups or societies who face the globalization with their different argument.
            The first is traditionalis or anti globalization. They think that globalization can give man bad stimulate and can destroy moral values of society.
            The second is globalis or pro globalization. They have any argument that globalization will give a good condition for the future growth of society.
            And the last is transformalis, namely they who take place in the middle of of traditionalis and globalis. They have any argument that the globalization now was really begin and they think that globalization very be mored by the globalis.
            From the argument above, we can choose one of their argument which we think it’s suitable with condition in the society now. It’s belong to you to choose one of them. There’s no limit to understand it.

            Well, I think my speech is enough . If I do my mistakes I would like to say “Sorry”. I hope my speech will be useful for all and for us surely. Thank you very much for your attention and thanks for the time. And to close my word I would like to say

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